Christopher Mills


I am a Sr. Security Analyst at a financial company in Tampa, Florida. I manage the threat & vulnerability assessment program. Prior to Tampa, I spent six years as a network security specialist in the US Navy where I was the Navy Computer Forensics Lab manager. I am experienced in the areas of computer forensics, incident response, network traffic analysis, risk management, and threat analysis.

I also co-hosts the SecuraBit podcast. We talk about all things computer security related. We tend to emphasize defense rather than offense, as that is where our experience lies.  Catch our show (most) Wednesday nights live at

Right now, I am focusing on the adoption of security standards. We can automate many of the tasks in computer security by using industry standard methods. I am working on developing integrations with NIST’s Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). It is a long road, and it poses many challenges, especially when trying to convince vendors to adopt these protocols.

In my spare time, I help out with Glitch.FM, an emerging glitch-hop/breaks/midtempo/dubstep radio station.

You can find me on IRC on freenode in most of the security-related channels.


Name: Christopher Mills

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: June 1st

Status: Married

Hometown: Altoona, PA


Industry: Computer Security/Financial Services

Occupation: Sr. Security Engineer

Location: Tampa, FL

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Twitter: @TheChrisAM



Skype: packetsensedotnet


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